Open-Source Software

Dotfiles: Few Helpful Dotfiles for your Linux System

A helpful set of dotfiles for your Linux system

Built with: Bash

go-walk: A Recursive Directory Tree Parser

A Library for Parsing a Directory Tree Recursively

Built with: Go

dnode: Search and Delete Node Modules Folders Recursively

A CLI utility to recursively delete node_modules folder in a given directory tree

Built with: Go

uHugo: A CLI Tool for Hugo Static Site Generator

A CLI utility to download latest Hugo binary files, update it, and update cloud providers settings

Built with: Python

Cookiecutter Template for Writing Go Command Line Interface

A Go language template for building command line interface made easy by cookiecutter

Built with: Go Cookiecutter

Angular Template with Firebase and Material Component

A generic Cookiecutter template for Angular framework with support for Firebase and Material component

Built with: Angular Cookiecutter TypeScript Firebase

PKCE: Code Verify and Code Challenge Generator

A module to generate Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) verify and challenge code

Built with: Go

JWT: Decoder and Validator

A minimalistic JWT decoder and validator

Built with: Go

Mongo: a Mongodb Helper for Golang

Writing MongoDB APIs in Go language made easy with a twist.

Built with: MongoDB Go

dotnetcore: A .Net Core SDK Uninstaller for POSIX Systems

There is no official way to remove previous versions of .Net Core SDKs in POSIX systems, this tool can help you with that.

Built with: .Net Core Python

azsecrets: A CLI to Set Azure Key Vault as Environment Variables

A CLI tool to make Azure KeyVault secrets as environment variables.

Built with: Python Azure

JMark: A Minimalistic Markdown Editor (Archived)

A Minimalistic Markdown Editor

Built with: Java Java Fx

PyMark: A Minimalistic Markdown Editor (Archived)

A Minimalistic Markdown Editor

Built with: Python

JCal: A Mortgage Calculator (Archived)

Mortgage calculator based on Java Fx

Built with: Java Java Fx

NeuroRehab: A VR game for Neurorehabilitation (Archived)

A Machine Learning based VR game for Neurorehabilitation.

Built with: UnrealEngine C++

Emotive Matlab SDK (Archived)

An Emotiv SDK wrapper for Matlab.

Built with: Matlab Emotiv

Abies: An all-in-one web creator (Not Maintained)

A Django based all-in-one web creator.

Built with: Python Django

Azure Blob Explorer for Java (Archived)

CRUD functions for Azure Blob

Built with: Azure Java

Spark: A Hugo Theme for Researchers

Spark, a hugo theme for researchers.

Built with: Go HTML JavaScript Algolia

Gollahalli CMS: CMS for Researchers (Archived)

An opensource content management system for researchers.

Built with: Python Django

Release-Exporter: Release exporter for GitHub and GitLab

Create a changelog in markdown or rst or json based on the release description of GitHub or GitLab.

Built with: Python

Spikes: A Spiking Neural Network framework

A Spiking Neural Network framework written in Python 3.

Built with: Python NumPy

SML: Spikes Markup Language for Spiking Neural Network

Spikes Markup Language for Spiking Neural Network framework - Spikes.

Built with: XML python NumPy

SpikesParser: A data parser for Spikes framework

Also comes with SML parser.

Built with: Python NumPy

SML-GUI: A GUI to export data to Spikes Markup Language

A GUI to export data to Spikes Markup Language based on Qt5.

Built with: Python Qt