Setting Swapfile on Ubuntu

ubuntu swapfile linux

Is your system running out of memory? Here is how you can set up a swap file on Ubuntu.

Running OpenCV with CMake and Ninja

C++ OpenCV CMake Ninja

Discover how to run OpenCV with CMake and Ninja, with a focus on the prerequisites, configuration, and execution steps. I'll guide you through the process of setting up the CMake configuration file, writing the main code, building the project, and running the executable.

Using QAbstractListModel With QML ListView in Qt6

C++ Qt6 QML

Explore the integration of QAbstractListModel with QML ListView in this comprehensive guide. Bridge the gap between C++ and QML, unlocking dynamic list handling. Whether you're a Qt newbie or a seasoned developer, this walkthrough offers insights and solutions for a seamless application experience.

Importing Existing Project to STM32CubeIDE


A straightforward, step-by-step guide on how to effortlessly import an existing project into STM32CubeIDE, saving you time and making your coding journey a little bit easier.

Build OpenCV With Visual Studio and CMake CLI

C++ OpenCV Visual Studio CMake

Discover how to build OpenCV using Visual Studio and CMake CLI, with a focus on the Ninja build system for speedy and efficient results. I'll guide you through the prerequisites, environment setup, and step-by-step process, and provide insights into why Ninja could be your go-to tool for building OpenCV.

Build OpenCV With Visual Studio and CMake GUI

C++ OpenCV Visual Studio CMake

This blog is a tutorial on how to build OpenCV with Visual Studio and CMake GUI. It includes two parts: generating OpenCV build files using CMake GUI and building OpenCV using Visual Studio 2022 Community. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions and tips and tricks for the process.

dnode: Search and Delete Node Modules Folders Recursively

Golang CLI Utility

Explore the power of dnode, a handy tool designed to help you efficiently search and delete Node Modules folders recursively. Save valuable disk space and declutter your development environment by mastering this essential utility for Node.js developers.